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Fact or Fiction? Black Cats on Halloween

Black cats have been the subject of many legends and myths for centuries. Animal lovers are reminded of these legends every October.

The idea that black cats are in danger during the month of October became so widespread that most animal shelters banned black cat adoptions. Fear that cats are being adopted to ritual sacrifice is exaggerated by myths from medieval eras. Cats were thought to serve witches or were witches themselves. Others believed that black cats helped witches preform their craft.

These legends have led many to fear that cats will be sacrificed on Halloween. However, there is very little supportive evidence to suggest that black cats are being killed for Halloween. Shelters have begun to accept this and now use October as marketing and promotions for black cats. Year round, extensive adoptions processes give shelters faith that new pet parents are responsible and loving owners.

Reports of missing cats missing on Halloween are usually easily explained by more common accidents. Halloween can scare your cat because there is more traffic on your property. Entire neighborhoods of children and their families coming to the door can create stress for your furry friend causing them to hide. Sometimes cats get too curious and will run out the door when its opened for trick-or-treaters.

Moral of the story? Keep your kitten friends inside on Halloween. Perhaps confining them to a quiet dark room to reduce stress. If you are lucky enough to have an all-black feline in your family, there is no reason to fear those legends! Cat sacrifice is virtually non-existent.

Have you heard any spooky Halloween animal legends? Let us know in the comments section.

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