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Spay & Neuters and Dental Cleanings

Program Details

All pets are required to have all vaccinations, and be current on Heartworm, Flea and tick control.  Pre-surgical appointments are required and estimates are provided based on your pet’s size and medical condition.  Low cost packages are available.  Please call for details and to schedule your appointment.

Planning for Surgery

Surgeries are scheduled Monday through Friday. Dogs and owned cats require an appointment. Appointments are also required for feral cats (limit three).  A limited number of slots are available, so a deposit is required.

Drop-off and pick-up times are different for dogs and cats:

Type of Pet Drop-Off Pick-Up
Cats (incl. ferals)

Pets must be be checked-in no later than thirty minutes past their designated drop-off time. Mornings are a busy period, so plan to be at our clinic for twenty to thirty minutes when checking-in. Should your pet not be checked-in on time, then their surgery may need to be rescheduled. We don’t want that to happen, so please keep the drop-off time top of mind.

When You Arrive
Leave dogs in the car until you have checked in. If your dog already has an Elizabethan collar, bring it with you the morning of surgery. If you do not have one, we will be happy to fit him/her with one for an additional $10.

You may bring owned cats inside when checking in. For their safety, all cats must be in a carrier.

Feral Cats
Feral (unsocialized) cats must arrive in a covered trap. All feral cats will receive an eartip during surgery.

Surgery Pricing

Prices for surgery and other services offered with surgery are listed below. A one year rabies vaccine and post-operative pain medicine are needed. A rabies vaccine will be given to your pet unless you verify their vaccination is up-to-date by providing a rabies certificate or an itemized receipt. We cannot accept a rabies tag as proof of vaccination.

Dog Neuter (under 50 lbs)  $95
Dog Neuter (50 – 70 lbs) $110
Dog Neuter ( over 70 lbs) $125
Cat Neuter $75
Cat Spay $85

If you need vaccines only, but not surgery, please see our Low Cost Vaccine page for pricing.

Extra Charges

  • Late fees are incurred for all animals picked up after 5pm.  They will be hospitalized and be available after 9 am the following business day.
  • Additional charges apply to in-heat, cryptorchid or obese dogs etc.