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How to Keep Horses Warm

Do you know how to keep your horse warm during the winter? Here are some helpful tips!

In some cities, I have seen horses pulling carriages with people through the streets, much like you see in the movie Cinderella. I normally see this during the wintertime, and I wondered how they kept the horses warm when they weren’t out walking. For those who have these beautiful pets living out of doors in the winter, here are some tips on how to keep our four-hooved friends warm.

  • Be mindful of where the horse is housed. When the barn or stable is being prepared for the winter, make sure the area is well ventilated but also doesn’t have any drafts. If your horse is being kept outdoors, there should be an area that is sheltered from rain and snow and other varieties of winter precipitation.
  • Check the temperature of the drinking water regularly during the winter. Make sure it doesn’t freeze. Plus, horses will drink more water if it is on the warmer side (think room temperature).
  • Place your pet’s bedding up against any doors that lead out to the pasture so that any drafts will not cause a chill.
  • Be cautious with blankets. When you touch a horse in the winter, its coat will feel cold to you. However, the horse’s coat and body heat does a wonderful job of keeping it warm; you just won’t be able to feel it. Talk to your vet, but typically, blankets should only be used on horses with special needs, such as old or sick horses. If you’re just having a cold spell, young, fit and sheltered horses most likely will not need blanketing.

For other questions, you may wish to speak to your veterinarian.

Do you have pet horses? How do you keep them warm throughout the winter? Share your tips with us in the comment section!

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